Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toot's T-Cup Runneth Over!

On May 24 and 25 Cyndy Douan and her Pug, Tout de Suite competed in the Tea Cup Agility Competition at the Bartow County Saddle Club in Cartersville, GA. As you can see from the previous photo Toot had a very successful weekend. Toot (as she is know to her fans) finished the weekend with 8 Qualifying Scores, 8 First Place Ribbons, 2 Second Place Ribbons, High In Trial-Intermediate Games, High In Trial- Intermediate Standard, Novice Standard Title, and an Intermediate Games Title!
Toot is a jumping maniac!

Toot on the teeter!
Thanks to Toot and Cyndy for such a fun weekend. You can't help but smile when you watch this little dog in action.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CKC Agility May 2-3, 2009

This past weekend, the Georgia Dog Gym hosted a Continental Kennel Club sanctioned Agility Trial. We were all worried about the weather, but Mother Nature was good to us and only sprikled us a few times. I really enjoyed watching the handlers walk their courses and plan their strategy for the course. It amazes me to watch the teams in action, the dog's attention is on their handler listening for their next command and movement. So much of agility handling is done by body language that the dog reads, as if the dog and the handler understand some unspoken language.
Below are some pictures from the weekend. The Georgia Dog Gym will be hosting another trial in November, 2009 and I hope to be posting photos of me and my dog Benz from that competition. Keep your fingers crossed!
Mike Roy and his dog Flash from Louisiana.

Freda Nichols and Jet from Rome, GA.

Karen Gentsch and ASCII from Cartersville, GA.

Freda Nichols and Cyndy Douan's Tyler.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Atlanta Steeplechase 2009

This was the 43rd year for the Atlanta Steeplechase. It was my first visit, but certainly not my last. It was a very warm spring day with plenty of sunshine, good friends, and great entertainment. The Atlanta Steeplechase is known as Georgia's biggest and best lawn party and that is exactly how it appeared to me! Can't wait till next year, maybe I'll be brave enough to wear a hat......maybe.
Sarah and Perry Cook in the very car they left from their wedding in, 15 years ago this April.
Happy Anniversary!

The Fox Hounds.

The steeplechase horses. Jake saw more than a few that he wanted to bring home and turn into Event horses! Good luck with that Jake.


Kingston Downs

April 25, 2009

Jack Russells are feisty little critters! They take their racing very serious.

Linda and Meme, my two favorite neighbors having a fun time at Steeplechase.

A very pretty girl dressed in the Steeplechase tradition....hat and all.

Sarah Cook and her mom Rosi Scheel looking beautiful as always in their festive hats.

Steeplechase after party at the Jockey Club

Perfect ending to a perfect day.

After a long day of watching beautiful horses, beautiful hats, Jack Russel races, and people enjoying the day it was time for a little dancing at the Jockey Club. I was privileged to be invited to this private party hosted by the Bouckaert Family.

Jake breaking it down!

The Bouckaert parents having a turn on the dance floor, showing the kids they still know all the moves!

Jake and his friends having fun, I think the green pants changed him into a dancing fool!
The sun was low on the horizion and made for the perfect party lighting.
Ahhhh Spring....