Thursday, April 30, 2009

T-Ball with Landon

T-Ball with three year olds is nothing but non-stop entertainment! There are sand castles to be built on second base, four leaf clovers to be picked in the outfield, and plenty of dirt to kick. If you get tired or thirsty, you just leave the field right in the middle of the game and come to the bleachers to visit mom or dad. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. I applaud the men and women who coach these kids....they are Saints in my book. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the cutest t-ball player ever.....well at least in my mind.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More dogs of Amsterdam

This is dear sweet Dharma, the Border Collie that I am living with at my home away form home here in Holland.
I would hate to have to brush her every day!

Bovier's always look like a walking cartoon to me!
This was one sweet fellow.

Missing my dogs....

I can only go so many days without spending some quality time with some fun loving Canines.
While in Amsterdam I had ample opportunity to put my hands on some lovely creatures!
Dogs are everywhere, I saw a dog or two on just about every street.
The Greyhound up above was the official Fun Police, anytime he would see other dogs having fun he would run break it up! Then a game of chase was on.
I'm calling this guy Spike. I have no idea what his name was, but he was a sweetheart. His owner didn't speak a word of English, and I didn't speak his language...whatever it was, certainly not Dutch.
This is Lola, she just moved to Amsterdam from New York. I really enjoyed her, as she made me think of my Benz-O. She shared his same whacky sense of humor. I was very glad to meet her, and her parents were happy to run into someone who spoke English.
Fun all the way around!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bicycles and Canals

These bicycles are everywhere, moms carry one or two kids at a time. I saw a lady carrying a small table on one arm while riding a regular bicycle!

Bicycles as far as the eye can see....

You can travel all through the city by boat.

More Amsterdam

The Dutch love their beer.

This guy was amazing. The game went on for hours.

Trough the streets of Amsterdam

Most all street corners have a building like this.

Monster art.

The smell of fresh bread fills the streets. Not much help for a girl trying to lose weight!


Van Gogh Museum

Entrance to the Rijks Museum

Obviously I like this building more that I realized since I managed to upload it twice!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam-Modern City with Old World Charm

Today I had the pleasure of walking through the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, and is a very pedestrian friendly city that is best experienced on foot. Amsterdam has many canals and bridges with tour boats and always a bike path along each road. Amsterdam is home to famous art collections of Vincent Van Gogh and the Rijks Museum features art by Rembrandt and Vermeer along with many other famous Dutch painters.

I hope when you look at my photos of Amsterdam you will understand why it was love at first sight for me.

There will be several posts with Amsterdam photos. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, it seems that we Americans have ruined another perfectly good country. This is the McDonalds in Appledoorn, Holland. I just had to have some fries!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our neighbors in Emst, Holland

This is a typical Dutch house. Brick with a perfectly manacured lawn and beautiful flower gardens.
Most of the houses have huge windows that are kept open with no screens when the weather is nice.
No cars up on blocks, no weeds......Toto, we're not in the South anymore!

Where's Santa? This guy lives in a local park with his other buddies. They loved peppermints.

There seems to be a park in every neighborhood with all types of animals for the kids to feed and pet. Big kids too!

Springtime in Holland means lambs. They are everywhere you turn. I think there are more sheep than people in Emst. These guys are only a day or two old...still a bit wobbly.

HUGE! Dutch draft horse. They still use horses to pull many farm wagons and carts in this area.

The cows in Holland stay in the barn during most of the winter months and when the ground is very wet, as not to disturb the grass. The pastures here look like most people's yard in the USA.

This cow seemed as interested in me as I was her. Lovely girl.

A walk through Epe, Holland

The Church right in the heart of town.
Need some real estate? That is what that says....or at least that is what they tell me!

This is the Cafe' dePosthoorn
The Dutch enjoy the outdoors. If the weather is nice, that is where they will be.

Notice the trees in front of this building. They look like power lines in the picture, but are tree branches connected together. These trees line the downtown streets in Epe.

Everyone is so friendly and they all ride their bikes whenever possible.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Images from Holland

Old farm building at Hulsebos house.
The people of Holland ride bicycles everywhere. There are more bycicles than cars.

Angry Aiden after Tilsa took a stick away from him....he was poking passersby at the Palace. See photo below. (the blog and I had different ideas about what order the photos should be in.)

Emma helping with the dishes.

God Save The Queen, or at least her Sister!!

A visit to one of Holland's royal Palaces. Today I went to visit the Palace Het Loo. It is in the city of Appledoorn and is the home of Queen Beatrix' sister, Margaret. These folks know how to live, but I am a little worried about their choice of cars. The cars of the Royal fleet that were on display were a 1972 Ford LTD, and some generic Ford that we don't even have in the states! What kind of Royalty is this?
The Royal Chicken Coop!

The path between the stables and the Palace.

The Royal horses are Friesians.

The stables.

The Palace Het Loo

The Royal Crest.
Check back often for more pictures from my adventures in Holland.