Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A day with Landon

This past Saturday, my church (Lindale United Methodist) had a family fun day at Willard Nixon Park in Silver Creek. I took this opportunity to spend the day with my grandson, Landon.

The cutest three...almost four year old I know.
Time for a quick dip in the creek to cool off.
This is where Landon spent most of his day, climbing up and down the slide on a HUGE inflatable castle.

Frisbee, Dock Diving, Fly Ball, and Lumber Jacks......what more could you ask for?

On June 20, I traveled with my friend Cyndy Douan to the Aflac Outdoor Games in Columbus, GA. Cyndy was judging the Disc Dog (Frisbee) competition and asked if I would like to tag along......she knows I'm a sucker for dog sports. Despite the fact that it was 106 degrees that day, and Cyndy said she "was roasting in her own juices"........we had a blast.....well, except for the time when I momentarily took leave of my senses and sat down on the metal bleachers.....OUCH!!! I think I still have stripes on my......well, you know.

Dock Diving.
The dog starts off on the dock above the pool, the handler throws a toy for the dog to retrieve into the water. The dog that has the longest jump into the water wins.

Flyball, think of it as a four dog relay team. Instead of using a baton, the dogs race down for a ball and then back across the start line where another dog waits his turn to run down and catch his relay ball, all the while jumping these hurdles. This is a very intense, fast paced team sport.

Lumber Jacks!! These guys were a lot different than the way I remember the story of Paul Bunyan and Babe. I had seen this type of competition on ESPN before, but until you see it up close, and hear the noise from each swing of the ax.....you have no idea the power these men possess. The fellow on the right won this phase of the competition, and when interviewed by ESPN and asked of his secret to success, he said "I always try me best"....now you have to imagine him saying this in a very cool accent, as he was from New South Wales. Watch ESPN on Dec. 12, 2009 to see this competition.....Look for me in the crowd....I'll be the one jumping up off the hot bleachers in record speed!
Disc Dogs.....or as I call it Frisbee. This is one of the most graceful and athletic dog sports I have ever seen. To watch the handlers and dogs work together, it seems as if they are speaking some secret silent language. Beautiful.